Monday, June 3, 2013

My Third Ballet Recital

My third ballet recital was a lot of fun.I danced in the CCP main theatre on May 29,2013.When I entered CCP I knew the place.Our dressing room was at the second floor in room 201.Some of my classmates were already there.The dressing room was large.There was also a large mirror where we put our bags.There was also a costume rack where some of the girls put there clothes.When it was two dances before us,we were already in the wings.Our dance was long,but enjoyable.Many people clappped.After dancing,we went back to the dressing room.It was hot on stage because of the bright lights.After a few more dances,it was time for the curtain call.I still remember well that after bowing,we kept shouting because of the smoke going out of the wings to us.Then we said goodbye to each other and went home.


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