Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Car Is Fixed !

When it was Friday we rode many things. First we rode the tricycle it was noisy.Next we rode the bus it was long. Last we went to the car.We ate in the restaurant.And went home .

I felt like tired in the tricycle and bored on the bus.I am also thankful that our car is fixed so we don't need to ride on a tricycle and a bus.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Beach Story

This is the story of how excited we are to go to the beach. It all started inside our house.
We were playing in our room, when mommy said we were going to the beach at Saturday.When it was Friday Toby wanted to play with me again .Then suddenly I remembered that tomorrow, we were going to the beach. So I said to Toby that I will eat snacks. Toby said that ,he wanted to fix things that we are going to bring in the beach.We fixed things to bring in the beach.But Toby didn't fix anything beacause he was watching a movie. After all of that we were so excited!We were ready to go to the beach.Mommy said the beach was far away so you need to bring something. Then we started to play again. So that is the end of the story.

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