Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Bookfair


I love to read books. Some of my books came from the bookfair.The bookfair is a place filled with books. If  you love to read books, this might be the place for you. But sometimes it is crowded with people.You should arrive early at the bookfair or it will be to crowded. When it is too crowded, walking  between people is hard.The bookfair is noisy. It opens once a year. This year we brought some magazines and books. We also brought Christmas presents for our friends. Most of the presents were books. I think our friends will like the gifts.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Homeschool Schedule


I had been homeschooling since I was grade 1.Now I am a third-grade student.I start the day like this:
First, I wake up at 7:00AM  or 6:30AM.Then,I eat my breakfast.My breakfast could be noodles,pancakes or bread. We start at 8:30 in the morning,and finish studying at 3:30 or 4:00.My PE is ballet.I take classes at Monday and Wednesday. My ballet class starts at 6:00 and ends at 7:00.We have many subjects at school.Here is our schedule:
At Monday ,we study Bible,Grammar,Reading,World History,Foreign Language,and Math.                        
At Tuesday ,we study Bible,Arts,Music,Math,Grammar,Reading, and World History.
At Wednesday,we study Bible,Reading, Filipino,Spelling,Math, and Social Studies.
At Thursday,we study Bible,Science,Reading,Filipino,Math,Social Studies, and Arts.
At Friday,we study Bible,World History,Science,Writing,Foreign Language, and Geography.
Our schedule is really busy!That's why we start at 8:30 in the morning!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Storms can bring heavy rains and strong winds.It can cause damage and floods.Here are some few,simple steps to do when there is a storm.

1.FILL A PAIL WITH WATER.If there are brown-outs, we may need water.We take baths and wash clothes.We use water to do these things.

2.GET A FLASHLIGHT AND BATTERIES.At night,it is dark in brown-outs.You may need a flashlight to see through the dark.In case your flashlight runs out of battery,a pocket of batteries may help.

3.FILL A BAG WITH FOOD.When it floods,you may run out of food.

These are the basic steps to do when there is a storm.We can also help people who are flooded.They need food,water( bottled water is good enough),shelter and help.Storms can also do good things. They can cool down a hot day, and bring rain to a dry place.Watch out for a storm!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Volcano

At my history subject,we made a mini volcano.There was a lot to do at this project.We even went to the supermarket to buy some of the materials.The volcano was a little model of Mt.Vesuvius.We used baking soda,red food coloring,vinegar,a funnel,water,dish wash liquid, and a box to make the volcano.First, we cut off the bottom of the box It looked like a  brown field.Second,we put a plastic bottle in the middle of the field.I covered the bottle with soil and shaped it like a mountain.We put water so the soil will harden.

Next,we used the funnel to pour some baking soda into the bottle.Then,we put the dish wash liquid into the bottle.Red food coloring makes the baking soda red,like lava.We put some red food coloring to make lava.

Last of all ,we put vinegar so the lava drips.We took a picture of it.It was so fun to make it!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Love My Art Folio!

I have an art folio from Manila Baby Shop, where I can put things in.The art folio's color is grey and has flowers and hearts in it.The hearts and flowers have different colors which  I like.

About my art folio:
 color = grey and white
 design = hearts and flowers
 style = like a shoulder bag
 handle's color = white

Its amazing that I can put different things inside it.Like :oil pastels,crayon box, art works, sketch pads or coloring books.It has little pockets inside it where I can put markers and paintbrushes.I can also put school supplies such as books and erasers inside the art folio.I have many artworks here at home.I can put all of them here!

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Second Ballet Recital


One of my favorite things to do is to dance ballet. I take ballet lessons on Monday and Wednesday. It was Tuesday when my classmates and I did our rehearsal at the giant stage in CCP. Before I went to the rehearsal, we went to the parlor so I could get a makeover. The rehearsal started at 12:00 PM and ended 6:00 PM .My rehearsal day was exciting.We practiced our dances and had a chance to sit at front seats inside the theater. Recital day was on May 31,2012,Thursday.  The recital started at 5:00 PM, but we were needed to be at the CCP by 3:30 PM for warm up class. Before the recital, my classmates and I went to the dressing  room to prepare.This was my second time  to go to CCP and see the great stage again.It had turned out exciting for me to dance on stage.I didn't get nervous while dancing , because it was dark . And my ballet teacher told me to find the little red light and look at it instead of looking at the audience .After my recital,we headed straight home. It had been a wonderful day to dance on stage again.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day

Mommy,sleeping on a bed.
Baby, sleeping beside Mommy's head.
Mommy says "open your eyes."
Baby opens her eyes like tiny mice.
Mommy, sleeping on a bed.
Baby, sleeping beside Mommy's head.
''You are my baby,''Mommy says.
Baby looks through the sunshine's rays.
Mommy, sleeping on a bed.
Baby, sleeping beside Mommy's head.
Mommy sees a cloud, floating across the sky.
Baby, sees the wings of a fly.
Oh, Baby's cute smile across her face,
Looking at Mommy's  shining necklace
Mommy, sleeping on a bed.
Baby, sleeping beside Mommy's head.
Mommy's eyes sparkled beside Baby.
Mommy says,'' when you grow up,Baby,
you will be a beautiful lady.''

This is a poem I made up for Mommy.It is about a mom and a baby, alone in a room.I also made another poem for Mommy.I was supposed to show the poem for Mommy on Mothers Day , but since Mothers Day was on Sunday,I already gave the poem to Mommy. We are in church every Sunday. Almost every Sunday, we are busy. Actually, almost every day we are busy, except for one day, Friday. On Monday and Wednesday, I have Ballet classes.On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ,Toby has sports training.That's why I had to give the poem to Mommy. We also made an activity for Mommy.It was all about her, Mommy.Here's how it looked like:

I hope you liked my work.You know,I love Mommy very much.That is why I make special things for her.
Maybe,someday I might send a happy Mothers Day card to you.So, happy Mothers Day to you all !

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Thoughts on 2nd Grade

At first I thought that grade 2 was hard . After a few months of studying, I realized that grade 2 was not hard . I     studied hard and did my best . My favorite subjects are science, reading, and history . Science is my favorite subject because I had fun learning and reading about planets, animals, plants and many more .Reading is my favorite subject because I love reading . I could almost finish a whole chapter book on one day! My favorite subject is history because I learn about characters like Augustus. During grade 2, I had 6 subjects ,Bible, math, social studies ,science, reading, and history . I also practice cursive writing sometimes .Now I know that, when something is hard , I should not give up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Go Azkals!


Our family loves football. This day the Philippine team, Azkals won! Their score was 2. While the other team scored just 1 point. I was so happy. There will be another game at Friday. We always watch football on TV , but watching the Azkals play in real life is more fun! My little brother, Toby, is interested in football. He also wants to be a smart football player when he grows up. So while he is young, we have planned to take him to a football class.I also made a poem about football:

I love to play football
I like it when we run
Look at the open area where we can play
As the ball passes by it says''make way!''
I love to play football
It is the best
As I say after football is a rest.

That poem was lovely. I hope the Azkals win the game on Friday.

Sunday, March 4, 2012



I love my ballet classes. That's why I love to dance on stage .I already danced on stage once ,but now I will dance again on CCP for my recital.I am really excited ! But this time my classmates and I will look like princesses .This years recital will be very memorable to me.My mother bought me a beautiful ballet tutu and a ballet music box. Ballet is very hard .If you will take ballet classes ,be ready for pains.You also need discipline ,and diligence so you can dance beautifully. I love ballet very much. What do yo think? Ready for ballet?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magic School Bus


We have these interesting science books called Magic School Bus. These are my favorite books, because they help me understand a lot about science. The books have stories about dinosaurs, water, hurricanes, tornadoes, bees, senses and rocks .The books also have real facts about the water cycle ,the human body, the solar system ,minerals, senses, electricity ,the ocean floor ,and the waterworks.This set also has a kit where you can put all your books. You can even carry this kit anywhere with all your books.

During bedtime, we always read a book before we sleep. Our Magic School Bus books gives us adventure before we sleep.We always want to learn something new from science.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Bohol And Cebu Vacation


For the first time, we rode an airplane to Bohol. I was so happy that day,I always wanted to ride an airplane! In the airplane we saw the clouds, we saw the sea, and we saw land. It was so beautiful. While we were in Bohol we saw some tarsiers and we also saw the Chocolate Hills. We also crossed a hanging bridge .We also ate lunch at the Loboc River Cruise. And we also swam at the swimming pool. It was also fun playing inside the bathtub. We went to different places.I also bought a new hat.

We rode a ship to Cebu . It was my first time to ride a ship. At Cebu we rode a kalesa.
There were 6 swimming pools at the hotel. There was also a man made lagoon. We had fun swimming at the pools. There was even a volcano on one of the pools!

And that was my Bohol and Cebu vacation.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Global Art Experience


At Global Art I learned different ways to color.I always use my pastels to color . And I also learned how to draw different objects like grass, water,trees ,wood and animals . I also learned how to make mosaics .

My teacher thought me some tips and techniques how to color:
1.Do not put your pastels on top of your work .
2.Always use dark, medium, light .
3.Clean your pastels by using tissue paper.

I always have fun while doing mosaics. I also have fun while coloring .

Global Art is the best !

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Princess And The Kiss


The princess and the kiss is my favorite book . It is a story of God's gift of purity . The story started a long time ago when a baby princess was born . Her parents , the king and queen, loved her even before she was born . On the day she was born , God gave her a very special gift, her first kiss . One day when the princess was all grown up, her mother and father led her to a staircase . Then they entered a secret room . Then the princess saw the gift she was given a long time ago ... the kiss.

Save this gift for the man you will mary , said the king. Never give this kiss to a stranger . Then there came a day where many men came to ask for the princess' hand in marriage . But none of them seemed worthy of her kiss .Then one day the princess and her parents were walking near the rosebushes .Then a man said to the king and queen ,may I speak with your daughter?Nodding slowly they moved aside and stood close by . The man said to the princess, I have worked in your fathers fields for many years. But I do have one special gift I can give you ... this is my first kiss princess . Would you be my wife? The princess said ,oh yes ! with all my heart ! Soon the princess and the man were maried. And that was the end of The Princess And The Kiss.

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