Sunday, June 23, 2013


Charlie is our family pet. He is a toy poodle, a small dog. When it's time to sleep, we put him inside his cage. The cage is really small, not as small as a bird cage ,but smaller than most usual cages. Every morning, I wake up, then feed Charlie, take him outside to potty, play with him and all other chores.One day, when we took him to the vet, we saw the problem of his ears.He had ear mites.The next thing we knew he had a cut in his ear, so we put an e-collar on him.When we got home ,Charlie tried to remove his e-collar by pushing it against  the rocks in the garden.Today he still tries to scrach his ears, but he can't.I feel sorry for him, but it can't be helped.But Charlie is still the same dog before we put the e-collar on him.He still chews our slippers and licks us.I love him very much.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Daddy always
 hugs me,
 embraces me,
 kisses me,
and holds my hands.
He loves to watch PBA
and NBA ,too.
He eats chips with me.
He watches basketball with Toby.
He drives us to the
the Church,
the grocery,
At night he would be with me,
hugging me,
embracing me,
kissing me,
and holding my hand.
At day I would
hug him,
embrace him,
kiss him,
and hold his hands.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My First Dog

I had wanted a dog since 2012.The reason why I wanted a dog was because of the Good Dog magazine.The first issue I saw was the one with a Labrador Retriever .The first dog I wanted to buy was a West Highland White Terrier,Westie for short.The Westie was to expensive to buy so we continued to research.The dog I found was called the Shih Tzu.I already knew the Shih Tzu because it was very famous in the Philippines.But later on I discovered that the Shih Tzu was hard to potty train so I ended up wanting to buy a toy poodle,almost the size of a Chihuahua(the smallest dog breed of the world).I finally got my wish on  May 27,last Monday.We bought an apricot toy poodle and named it Charlie.He was a male.He was small and cute.I love Charlie very much.

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Third Ballet Recital


My third ballet recital was a lot of fun.I danced in the CCP main theatre on May 29,2013.When I entered CCP I knew the place.Our dressing room was at the second floor in room 201.Some of my classmates were already there.The dressing room was large.There was also a large mirror where we put our bags.There was also a costume rack where some of the girls put there clothes.When it was two dances before us,we were already in the wings.Our dance was long,but enjoyable.Many people clappped.After dancing,we went back to the dressing room.It was hot on stage because of the bright lights.After a few more dances,it was time for the curtain call.I still remember well that after bowing,we kept shouting because of the smoke going out of the wings to us.Then we said goodbye to each other and went home.

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