Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Go Azkals!


Our family loves football. This day the Philippine team, Azkals won! Their score was 2. While the other team scored just 1 point. I was so happy. There will be another game at Friday. We always watch football on TV , but watching the Azkals play in real life is more fun! My little brother, Toby, is interested in football. He also wants to be a smart football player when he grows up. So while he is young, we have planned to take him to a football class.I also made a poem about football:

I love to play football
I like it when we run
Look at the open area where we can play
As the ball passes by it says''make way!''
I love to play football
It is the best
As I say after football is a rest.

That poem was lovely. I hope the Azkals win the game on Friday.

Sunday, March 4, 2012



I love my ballet classes. That's why I love to dance on stage .I already danced on stage once ,but now I will dance again on CCP for my recital.I am really excited ! But this time my classmates and I will look like princesses .This years recital will be very memorable to me.My mother bought me a beautiful ballet tutu and a ballet music box. Ballet is very hard .If you will take ballet classes ,be ready for pains.You also need discipline ,and diligence so you can dance beautifully. I love ballet very much. What do yo think? Ready for ballet?


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