Monday, January 16, 2012

The Princess And The Kiss


The princess and the kiss is my favorite book . It is a story of God's gift of purity . The story started a long time ago when a baby princess was born . Her parents , the king and queen, loved her even before she was born . On the day she was born , God gave her a very special gift, her first kiss . One day when the princess was all grown up, her mother and father led her to a staircase . Then they entered a secret room . Then the princess saw the gift she was given a long time ago ... the kiss.

Save this gift for the man you will mary , said the king. Never give this kiss to a stranger . Then there came a day where many men came to ask for the princess' hand in marriage . But none of them seemed worthy of her kiss .Then one day the princess and her parents were walking near the rosebushes .Then a man said to the king and queen ,may I speak with your daughter?Nodding slowly they moved aside and stood close by . The man said to the princess, I have worked in your fathers fields for many years. But I do have one special gift I can give you ... this is my first kiss princess . Would you be my wife? The princess said ,oh yes ! with all my heart ! Soon the princess and the man were maried. And that was the end of The Princess And The Kiss.

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