Sunday, March 27, 2011



In sunday school I always learn new things about the bible. And I meet new classmates
everyear. After we study in the sunday school, we play together. Then we watch movlies together. We love playing together.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Piano Lesson

This is how I learned to play a piano for the first time.At first I did n't know how to
play it.It is a good thing that Ate Elice taught me how to play happy birthday in a piano.Then Ate Elice was sick.So I stopped studying with Ate Elice.I was 6 years old when I studied piano with Ate Elice.One year past by so I was 7 years old.So I studied with mommy because she said she studied piano too.So today I am studying piano lessons.
Guess what happened next?

Friday, March 25, 2011

This is Me


This is me when I was seven.

I love everything pink!
 My bags are pink, my clothes pink, my accesories are pink, even my shoes are pink. Everything pink would grab my attention. My favorite things to do are reading, drawing, dancing ballet, making friendship bracelets,
and writing. 

                            This the portrait that I drew. Do you think it looks like me?                                              

I love pink!


Welcome To My Journal

Welcome to my journal.

This is what happened when there was an earthquake. I was standing beside the door then I heard mommy said there was a earthquake.I was afraid of the earthquake. So we all went downstairs to watch the news
on TV.But ther was no news about the earthquake. So mommy went upstairs to call daddy in her cellphone.

After that we went upstairs again.And we took a bath.

We prayed together. And we said thank you.

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