Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Bohol And Cebu Vacation

For the first time, we rode an airplane to Bohol. I was so happy that day,I always wanted to ride an airplane! In the airplane we saw the clouds, we saw the sea, and we saw land. It was so beautiful. While we were in Bohol we saw some tarsiers and we also saw the Chocolate Hills. We also crossed a hanging bridge .We also ate lunch at the Loboc River Cruise. And we also swam at the swimming pool. It was also fun playing inside the bathtub. We went to different places.I also bought a new hat.

We rode a ship to Cebu . It was my first time to ride a ship. At Cebu we rode a kalesa.
There were 6 swimming pools at the hotel. There was also a man made lagoon. We had fun swimming at the pools. There was even a volcano on one of the pools!

And that was my Bohol and Cebu vacation.


Mai said...

glad you had a fun vacation, kyla! great job on your blogging.

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