Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome To My Journal

Welcome to my journal.

This is what happened when there was an earthquake. I was standing beside the door then I heard mommy said there was a earthquake.I was afraid of the earthquake. So we all went downstairs to watch the news
on TV.But ther was no news about the earthquake. So mommy went upstairs to call daddy in her cellphone.

After that we went upstairs again.And we took a bath.

We prayed together. And we said thank you.


crazyme said...

When the earthquake happened, no one in our house felt it. We heard about it only when we watched the news after dinner.
Let's just pray that the Lord will protect all of us from a devastating earthquake.

hahai.ponce said...

Hi Kyla, welcome to the blogging world.

When earthquake happens, just be on the safest place and always be on the alert and think quick. Take along your little brother, always stay together.

And yes, prayers help a lot!

will follow you now ;)

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