Friday, March 25, 2011

This is Me

This is me when I was seven.

I love everything pink!
 My bags are pink, my clothes pink, my accesories are pink, even my shoes are pink. Everything pink would grab my attention. My favorite things to do are reading, drawing, dancing ballet, making friendship bracelets,
and writing. 

                            This the portrait that I drew. Do you think it looks like me?                                              

I love pink!



Yami said...

Pink is a nice color. Hi Kyla. Tita Yami is following your blog now. Congrats! :)

K said...

you look beautiful in pink kyla! welcome to blogging! following you know :)

Mommy Liz said...

What a pretty in pink young lady. Congratulations on your own blog.:)

Jeidi said...

I am your fan kyla!

crazyme said...

This is a nice blog, Kyla! Continue using your God-given talents well. :D

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