Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Thoughts on 2nd Grade

At first I thought that grade 2 was hard . After a few months of studying, I realized that grade 2 was not hard . I     studied hard and did my best . My favorite subjects are science, reading, and history . Science is my favorite subject because I had fun learning and reading about planets, animals, plants and many more .Reading is my favorite subject because I love reading . I could almost finish a whole chapter book on one day! My favorite subject is history because I learn about characters like Augustus. During grade 2, I had 6 subjects ,Bible, math, social studies ,science, reading, and history . I also practice cursive writing sometimes .Now I know that, when something is hard , I should not give up.


Tita Olga said...

That's right, Kyla! You shouldn't give up but continue to strive to reach your goal.

Enjoy your summer vacation, dearie!
God bless you always. :)

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