Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Volcano

At my history subject,we made a mini volcano.There was a lot to do at this project.We even went to the supermarket to buy some of the materials.The volcano was a little model of Mt.Vesuvius.We used baking soda,red food coloring,vinegar,a funnel,water,dish wash liquid, and a box to make the volcano.First, we cut off the bottom of the box It looked like a  brown field.Second,we put a plastic bottle in the middle of the field.I covered the bottle with soil and shaped it like a mountain.We put water so the soil will harden.

Next,we used the funnel to pour some baking soda into the bottle.Then,we put the dish wash liquid into the bottle.Red food coloring makes the baking soda red,like lava.We put some red food coloring to make lava.

Last of all ,we put vinegar so the lava drips.We took a picture of it.It was so fun to make it!


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