Monday, April 8, 2013

Children's Music Journey Review

I really love music, especialy playing the keyboard.This is how I learned to play the keyboard.It all started when I tried Childrens Music Journey one time.I actualy liked it, so I tried another lesson.The next time I took a lesson, I tried a game.It was real fun! Each time I took a lesson I learned a lot of things:
 First, I learned middle C.
 Second, I learned more about the grand staff.
 Third, I learned different composers and the songs they wrote.
 Fourth, I can write and learn new songs.
When I write songs, it gets fun! I usualy get to write a song made of I twelve notes long.But sometimes learning something new is hard too, because I sometimes get confused between half notes and quarter notes!
  This is my photo while taking a lesson.

Children's Music Journey (volume 2) is perfect for children ages 7-9 who like to play the keyboard.Children's Music Jorney (volume 1) is for children ages 4-7 and (volume 3) is for children 9 years old and above.Right now I am using (volume 2) and I enjoy it very much!


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