Friday, November 22, 2013

My Singapore Trip

November 8 was a very special day, for it was the day we went to Singapore. We woke up at 4:00 AM. We didn't eat breakfast, though. Mommy and I folded up Charlie's cage. We ate in banana cakes in Manila.I said goodbye to Charlie and we went to the airport. I waited for a long time in the airport. I read books and played and talked with Toby.
When it was time, we went inside the airplane. I sat in the seat nearest to the window, Toby sat in the middle, and Daddy sat beside him. We put on our seatbelts. We all waited for a few minutes then the airplane started to move backwards. After a while we moved forwards. Then the airplane moved on faster and faster, and suddenly we were flying! I could see Manila below, and clouds above. After a few minutes, the clouds were below us. I closed the window beside me and relaxed. After we talked and waited, we ate our lunch. After lunch, the lights closed. I slept until the lights opened. We waited again. After many minutes of waiting, the airplane started to go down. It was fun looking down at the airport when we landed. After sitting in the airplane for 3 hours, we finally in Singapore! We took a look around the airport then we went to Festive Hotel, the hotel where we were staying. The room was small, but it had many places to sleep in. That afternoon we went to the Sea Aquarium and saw many kinds of fish.
Here is a picture of a fish that I saw in the Sea Aquarium.

This in Toby and me in the Sea Aquarium.            

The following day we road the Monorail to Vivo City. We also rode the MRT that day. We watched Songs of the Sea that night. After watching, we rode the skytrain to go up then we rode the luge down. I liked to ride the luge because it was fun. Then we rode the cable car. After riding it, we had a good night's rest.

On the third day we went to Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.

We saw many kinds of animals in the zoo. We watched three shows; Rainforest Fights Back, Elephants at Play, and Splash Safari. My favorite show was the Splash Safari. In the show I saw a sea lion perform different kinds of tricks.
  In the Night Safari, we watched one show called Creatures of the Night. It was fun seeing the animals at night time. After watching the show, we rode the tram. I saw many carnivores and herbivores as well.  

At the next morning, we bought souvenirs. I bought a new pink notebook. The next day, I printed out my pictures from Singapore. I put them in my notebook and wwrote all about my Singapore trip.  


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