Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My First Dog

I had wanted a dog since 2012.The reason why I wanted a dog was because of the Good Dog magazine.The first issue I saw was the one with a Labrador Retriever .The first dog I wanted to buy was a West Highland White Terrier,Westie for short.The Westie was to expensive to buy so we continued to research.The dog I found was called the Shih Tzu.I already knew the Shih Tzu because it was very famous in the Philippines.But later on I discovered that the Shih Tzu was hard to potty train so I ended up wanting to buy a toy poodle,almost the size of a Chihuahua(the smallest dog breed of the world).I finally got my wish on  May 27,last Monday.We bought an apricot toy poodle and named it Charlie.He was a male.He was small and cute.I love Charlie very much.


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