Sunday, June 23, 2013


Charlie is our family pet. He is a toy poodle, a small dog. When it's time to sleep, we put him inside his cage. The cage is really small, not as small as a bird cage ,but smaller than most usual cages. Every morning, I wake up, then feed Charlie, take him outside to potty, play with him and all other chores.One day, when we took him to the vet, we saw the problem of his ears.He had ear mites.The next thing we knew he had a cut in his ear, so we put an e-collar on him.When we got home ,Charlie tried to remove his e-collar by pushing it against  the rocks in the garden.Today he still tries to scrach his ears, but he can't.I feel sorry for him, but it can't be helped.But Charlie is still the same dog before we put the e-collar on him.He still chews our slippers and licks us.I love him very much.


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